Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm no longer updating this blog, but...


Anonymous steve douglas said...

Hi Mr. Geduld,
Sorry to bother you but all email addresses seem to bounce. Hope this gets to you.
I am a writer and reviewer for the and websites and I recently received, for review, your new book on Expressions. So far, I am enjoying the book though I can't understand why they didn't include a media disc for it rather than going to the Focal Press website. You have a great writing style. I must admit I am not used to using expressions so it has been a learning experience for me as well. I have run into a problem in Chap 2, pg. 52. No matter how many times I follow your directions, once I type in the var mousePosition = as an expression for the cat, a message window comes up saying
AE Warning: does not have a value expression disabled
error occurred at line 1.
layer: 1 ('cat')
property: position

The equals sign next to the triangle in the expressions under the cat's position is also disabled with the diagonal bar through it. If I undo the diagonal, the error message comes up again.
Can you explain what is going on. I've closed and reopened the project, just stumped as to why I cannot follow your directions at this point without the error.
Hope to hear from you,
Steve Douglas

2:47 PM  

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